Testimonials for Santa Barbara Sport Fishing Charters

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Thank you for making Memorial Day such a memorable day for me and the boys. We are still enjoying our catch!

After getting to my Mom's we enjoyed our fish fried in light batter; Mom made her Caldo de Pescado; and my sister took some home for ceviche. Today I we had more fish on our george foreman grill and it was just fabulous!

Thanks again, I hope to send you some of my friends for fishing trips.

Kindest regards,

Ale O.


Thanks again for the great day on the lake and the Education of Casitas.

You are by far one of the best guides Rocky and I have spent time with on the water. We both enjoyed your conversation and personality.

Rocky was really sincere when he extended our invitation to fish up in Washington, I hope you take him up on his offer.

I will definitely call for some strategies next time I fish.

See you on the Water,


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Tony -

Thank you for a wonderful morning of fishing.   We learned so much from you on how to fish for bass and were thrilled with the number of fish we caught.  You were so pleasant and, as a guide, went above and beyond.   We hope to see you again soon when we bring our boys to join us.

- Bill and Nancy R.

I chartered a trip for my son's twelfth birthday. After assessing several options I chose to book the charter with Captain Tony Vultaggio. I am beyond happy that I did.

Tony's knowledge, certifications, ability to communicate with and teach guests of varying experience levels are phenomenal. He is engaging and puts everyone at ease. Moreover, he crafts the charter to his guests' preferences and actively seeks their input and feedback.

Tony is a consummate professional, but makes you feel as if you are one of his long time "fishing buddies." We had such an amazing time we are planning another trip in the spring of 2016.

Seasoned anglers and beginners are assured a great trip because Tony understands the informational and instructional nuances each level requires in order to maximize his guests' enjoyment. His ability to provide fundamental instruction to an inexperienced person and in the next moment provide insightful assistance and tips to an experienced angler exemplifies why a charter with Tony Vultaggio is rewarding experience.

- J.V.

I have have something I want to say in regards to Capt. Tony and his charters.  My name is Jamie *******, for Christmas my son Travis *******, gave me a gift of a fishing charter aboard Capt Tony's boat.  It was one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received.  I am from South West Florida visiting Travis, but have fished the Baja, the Channel Islands, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and fly ins in NE Canada.  Capt Tony rates at the top of Capts. For hire in my book.  He took us out on a cold Dec. morning, and put us on fish (rock fish), within seconds of the bait hitting the bottom.  He kept us on fish for the two hours it took to catch our limit of 10 each, (60) beautiful mixed rock fish.  He decided to troll for tuna, but told us he had not been able to find the school the day before.  He had no charter but went out anyway on the day before to find fish for us.  Not many Capts go that far to assure that the clients have a good day, let alone a great one.  He had ample bait aboard, Sometimes you have to spend half of your day catching your own bait.  He had all the tackle necessary, and all we had to bring was food and drinks. One thing oft times that is in short supply is coolers and ice, this was not a problem, nor was a little advice from the Capt.  We had a member of our team who barely spoke English, and had little experience in fishing, no problem, Capt Tony showed him how to fish, and you would have to have seen his smile at the end of the trip.  Santa Barbara sports fishing,  Capt. Tony is the man.  Thanks Capt for a great trip, great fishing and in the last few days great eating.

- Jamie